The theme of this issue is furniture making. It aims to take you through the entire design and making process and improve your understanding of what the basic requirements are in order to be able to create well proportioned, attractive and practical pieces that will stand the test of time. In order to achieve this we've split the publication into three dedicated sections.

The first section looks at the theory of furniture design and how it has evolved over the years. It advises on how pieces should be designed in order to give a pleasing, proportional appearance, while at the same time being attractive and practical.

The next section moves on to the techniques required to actually make and finish furniture. It discusses subjects such as choosing the right raw materials, how to get started on a project, how to assemble the work and also offers tips on gluing up and using veneers.

The final section includes a range of elegant step-by-step projects designed to put all the design and technique theories into practice and show how to make some good looking and useful furniture. As usual all the features and projects within this guide are clearly laid out in order to make them informative, interesting and easy to follow.

Also in this issue...

Size and comfort - A look at two important considerations in the furniture design process: anthropometrics and ergonomics

Kitchen furniture - Practical tips and historical insight on the design of kitchen furniture

Construction methods - So you've got over the design hurdle, now it's time for practical considerations

Storage solutions - Andy Standing offers some space-busting solutions in our furniture making issue

Classic coffee table - Ian Taylor shows how to make a contemporary classic coffee table in cherry