Practical Woodworking cover image for june- August 13There’s something magical about the word ‘weekend’. If we are at work, and however much we might enjoy what we do for a living, by the time we get to Wednesday we know we are halfway towards the next weekend. In our imagination those Saturdays and Sundays are filled with sun and laughter, but of course the reality is all too often grey skies and family disagreement. If we are retired, then we will still probably be living lives skewed to the weekend, out of sheer habit, the only difference being that squabbling kids may well have been replaced by lovely grandchildren. But the point of this ramble is to congratulate ourselves on having a weekend retreat. When the weather is a disappointment, when the rest of the world just gets a bit much, thank goodness for that space to do woodwork, whether it is a dedicated workshop or a garage.

I know that some of you will look through the issue and say “I couldn’t do that in a weekend!” For the fact is that we all take varying times to make things, for all sorts of reasons from skill level to time available. I mean, how do you measure a weekend? Is it the actual 48 hours of a Saturday and Sunday, or is it the hours that we really have free to work on a project? To my mind the important factor is having work on the go that can be picked up easily, put down and resumed without stress.
So in these pages you will find projects, most of which could be completed in a single weekend but in reality may well take two or three to finish... but there’s no hurry... 
Andrea Hargreaves