Practical Woodworking cover image for March/ May 2013There’s something very personal about a workshop. It’s almost a private place, a refuge if you like, a space which is ours, to do what we like in. Shut its door and we can plan what we are going to make, how we are going to make it, with what materials and using which techniques. That’s because half the fun is thinking about doing the job.
Then there’s dreaming about tools, arranging kit on shelving, in drawers and on bench tops, convincing ourselves that we need, really need, something that we have heard about, whether in a catalogue, on the TV or wherever. And that’s what this issue is about: workshop tools, from machines to helpful gadgets.
You will find nothing in these pages that hasn’t been rated very highly by our team of experts. Where a criticism has been made it is a relatively small point, one that should not deter you from buying the item if you are halfway set on it in the first place.
Inside you will find some useful comparisons, like Andy King and Phil Davy’s piece on low-angle planes, and advice, as with our article on abrasives. 
This is not a complete guide to everything you need in a workshop – there was not enough space – but it does cover a good deal of the types of tools and machines you need for most jobs, from hand tools through to power tools, floor-standing machines and workshop aids.
In most instances prices are typical of what you can find by looking around, rather than manufacturers’ list prices.
Andrea Hargreaves, Editor