Practical Woodworking  Summer Projects 2012“Summertime and the woodworking is... as easy and time-consuming as you want to make it. We would be the last people to suggest that you should be hard at it in the workshop while the summer sun beats down. Oh, hang on a minute, I’m forgetting about the British summer. And yes, I know many of us are still subject to a hosepipe ban despite the spring deluge, but we want to get Alan Holtham’s revolving summerhouse built, or, failing that, to repair the one that is languishing at the bottom of the garden.

“Of course being outside gives you plenty of opportunity to note that the outside doors are getting a bit shabby... so we’re offering some projects for constructing a door fit to keep the elements where they belong, French doors which take double glazing, and a choice of field gates to satisfy your inner countryman that would scale down nicely to work as ordinary garden gates.

“We’ve included an array of planters and stands, including one that serves as a timber disguise for cheap but practical plastic, and a pair of three-legged tables and, ever conscious of the need to fill rainy days, there are several small projects such as, we jest not, an umbrella stand, a garden table and bench, a turned vase and clothing buttons and – so you are ready for the sun again – a cook box with compartments to house all your campfire cookery needs. So whatever woodworking you do this summer, just enjoy it!”