the Powermatic range of premium woodworking machines

Axminster Tools & Machinery has recently added the Powermatic range of premium woodworking machines to its portfolio.

Powermatic has long been considered ‘The Gold Standard’ in woodworking machinery. This is not only because of the gold colour of the products, but also due to the high standards that each machine meets.

With the well regarded reputation the brand has earned, it has long been an ambition of Axminster Tools & Machinery to introduce these machines to the UK market.

Those woodworkers familiar with Jet machinery will notice similarities between Powermatic and Jet. The two brands are sibling companies. Jet is well known for its innovation and the production of high quality machinery. The success of Jet in the UK has played a part in introducing Powermatic to the same market.

No stone has been unturned with Powermatic. The build quality of the machines is superb; they are all made from cast iron and welded steel, giving them an enduring feel. The attention to detail is exceptional. From immaculate paintwork to chromed handwheels and handles, these features convey a lasting image. The large capacities on all the machines, together with the high-powered motors indicate that they will perform very effectively.

These are first-class machines and the quality is reflected in the price. Prices range from approximately £1,140 to just under £5,500 depending on the machine. Machines within the range are extractors, lathes, bandsaw, morticer, belt disc sander and drum sander. Powermatic machines come with a five year warranty.

For more information and pricing, visit the Axminster website (link below) or call 0800 371 822.

Thanks to Axminster Tools and Machinery for the news.

For more details, see the Axminster Tools Website