osmo poyx-oil


OsmoUK introduced its Polyx-Oil Clear Gloss finish earlier this year to add a bit of shine to wooden floors and furniture.  A few months down the line, and the product has received high praise from woodwork expert and YouTube blogger, Peter Parfitt.

Peter’s latest project is a pedestal desk, made from solid American walnut.  To complete the design, Peter required a hardwearing finish for the desk.  Having taught French polishing many years ago, this would have been his finish of choice.  However, this time, Peter opted to use Osmo’s Polyx-Oil Clear Gloss finish and is extremely pleased with the result.

As part of his New Brit Workshop channel on YouTube, Peter has uploaded his review of the product after applying the finish on the desk.  He discusses the application process which includes two coats of the product.  The finish is applied using a small brush and then wiped with a paper cloth to provide a thin and even coat.  After each coat, Peter left the surface to dry for 8 – 10 hours. Applying with the grain, the finish provides a deep and mature sheen.

After treatment the wood is strengthened from within and retains its elasticity. It becomes water repellent, stain resistant and hard-wearing, because it meets the wood’s natural demands and does not crack, flake, peel or blister.

Osmo Polyx-Oil is resistant to water and dirt, is very durable and smoothens wood surfaces. The natural vegetable oils and waxes allow for even colouring. Another key benefit of this wax-oil is that it has a reduced solvent content making it virtually odourless. Polyx-Oil is a much healthier (and also more pleasant) wood care product to use for anyone suffering from asthma or other breathing problems and does not contain biocides or preservatives, making it a much preferred product over the conventional, solvent-based oil or wax finishes.

 To view Peter’s video you can visit his YouTube channel