New Planer Thicknessers from Axminster


Axminster planer thicknessers

Whether you are an enthusiastic hobby user or a busy trade workshop, Axminster Tools & Machinery has a planer thicknesser that will easily cope with your woodworking needs.

For hobby users, the new Axminster Hobby Series AH106PT is only a small step down from the old Trade Series model. It features ground cast iron planing and thicknessing tables and a cast iron main frame. Because it is made from cast iron, it is a very heavy machine and therefore an excellent choice for the discerning home user. The combination of a 3-knife cutter block and the vibration-reducing mass of the machine, results in a very clean finish to the work. The dust extraction hood is positioned underneath the table for surfacing and on top of the table for thicknessing. Both tables tilt out of the way for this function. The 3-knife cutter block is set using the gauge supplied, ensuring that each HSS knife is set exactly to the block. This machine comes fitted with premium quality, re-sharpenable HSS knives to ensure a great finish. For optimum setting, both tables are fully adjustable and electrically interlocked to avoid accidental starting without the dust extraction hood in place. For all your home timber sizing tasks, this machine will prove its worth and be a great buy.

For trade workshops there is a choice of machines between the Axminster Trade Series AT107PT and AT129PT; the AT107PT would also suit the very keen and ambitious hobby user. These models have many similarities. Both have cast iron tables and a tilting alloy fence offering exceptional accuracy and stability; the tables are adjustable and electrically interlocked for safety with an extended support roller on the thicknessing table. Both models come with 1mm self-setting HSS knives and holders for 3mm TCT knives. A pivoting dust extraction hood operates in thicknessing and surfacing modes. For both models a spiral cutter block version is also available, using unique shear cut knives.

The main differences are found in the maximum planing width and maximum thicknesser capacity. Overall the AT129PT is a bigger, heavier and more powerful machine than the AT107PT, plus the style of the blades for each model is different. Depending on your woodworking needs, either machine would be an excellent choice.

Please note that all prices include VAT. For current pricing and more information please visit or call 03332 406406.

Image: left to right: AH106PT, AT107PT and AT129PT