Veritas Spokeshaves

Through its network of retailers, BriMarc Tools & Machinery can now offer four new spokeshaves from Veritas. The Flat, Round and Large spokeshaves all have ductile cast iron bodies with hardwood handles designed and shaped for comfort and control. These three models together with the Low Angle version come with twin adjustment wheels which quickly and accurately control cut depth and skew; shims let you adjust the mouth opening as needed. Each of the four spokeshaves comes with a durable PM-V11 steel alloy blade. All of these features combine to enable smooth, effective and chatter-free shaping.

Flat Spokeshave

The Flat spokeshave allows shaping and cutting in virtually all convex curves. The 3.2mm thick PM-V11 steel blade fits neatly and perfectly onto the machined blade. The toe serves as a thumb rest allowing the user to choke up on the body to attain exceptional control. The Flat spokeshave weighs about 450g and is 267mm long overall.

Price: £89.95.

Round Spokeshave

The Round spokeshave will give chatter-free cutting around virtually all concave curves. Again, the toe serves as a thumb rest giving the user a high level of control. This spokeshave has a 44.5mm radius, weighs around 450g and is 267mm long overall.

Price: £89.95.

Large Spokeshave

With the Large model you will be able to shape large curved projects such as buckets, barrels and coopered doors. The PM-V11 thick blade, carefully machined lever cap and blade bed all blend together to produce chatter-free cutting in almost all conditions. The 3.2mm thick blade is seated at 45° to the sole. The hardwood handles provide comfort and control whether pulling or pushing. The toe provides a convenient thumb rest that allows the user to choke up on the body for fine work. The Large spokeshave has a blade width of 65mm, weighs 600g and is 470mm long overall.

Price: £105.50.

Low Angle Spokeshave

Designed for both convex and concave work, this spokeshave returns to a traditional design with the blade set at 20° and with a 25° micro bevel producing a very clean cut. Cutting depth is adjusted by altering the position of the toe piece rather than the blade. The shape of the body allows it to be used in the conventional position for flat or convex work and when turned over it can be used for concave work. The body is cast aluminium alloy while the blade is high quality PM-V11 tool steel which holds its edge over a long period of time.

Price: £63.95.

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(Please note that prices include vat and may be subject to change without notice.)