New Veritas Combination Plane from BriMarc

A combination plane can be invaluable for restoration work and is an ideal choice when you need to make a short run of moulding. Originally created to replace numerous wooden moulding and joinery planes, early combination planes were often over complicated and difficult to set up. Today, however, they are invariably easier to use than taking the time to set up a machine.

Veritas have designed their combination plane to eliminate problems that made using the originals so frustrating. This modern example is precisely machined, quick to adjust and holds its settings securely.

The two-part design (a main body and separate sliding section) lets you accommodate blades of different shapes and sizes to make cuts ranging from grooves as narrow as 1/8" up to 1" wide rebates. The sliding section adds stability and support to the blade, and clamps securely in place on stainless-steel rods. You can position the fence on either side, allowing you to use the plane left or right handed to accommodate grain direction. The plane comes with two pairs of fence rods (125mm and 200mm). A micro-adjust thumbscrew allows you to fine-tune the position of the fence. The depth stops on the body and sliding section also have threaded adjustment.

A 1/4" straight blade is included with the plane, and a selection of blades for grooving, rebating, beading, reeding and fluting are available separately. You can use the blades individually or in sequence to create a variety of decorative profiles, from simple to complex and from furniture edge treatments to architectural details.

The Veritas combination plane is made of stress-relieved ductile iron with brass fittings with a torrefied maple tote and fence facing. Optional extras include a storage box and a blade box.

See the Brimarc Website for more information and pricing.