New Axminster Trade Sawhorses
New Axminster Trade Sawhorses New Axminster Trade Sawhorses

The new Axminster Trade sawhorses are true workhorses of the workshop. Capable of supporting a weight of 590kg per trestle, a pair will support an impressive 1,180kg equalling the very highest capacities for trestles.

They are easy to set up, with quick-release legs that fold up effortlessly, creating a compact design for problem-free transportation. Each one folds into a neat package just 84 x 150 x 895mm and can either be stowed away or thrown into the back of a van.

Height adjustable legs make it simple to bring the work up to your level for better positioning, which saves you having to bend down. Also, you can adjust each leg individually to set the right height if you are working on uneven ground. Each sawhorse rises to a height of 826mm. Although, if for example you are cutting with a handsaw, a lower position may be more comfortable, with the lowest height setting being 648mm.

You can be assured of safe working with these sawhorses. The advantage of having support arms on the sawhorses means you can quickly create a table using 45 x 95mm timber. Alternatively, you can trim thicker pieces to size. Having the frame makes for a much safer cut as you have support all the way through while you are cutting. This is a real benefit especially when cutting MDF sheets, as without the joists the danger is that the sheet could collapse through the middle while cutting.

These sawhorses are built to take a battering, being an all steel construction for added strength. The outer layer has a powder coating and zinc plating to prevent corrosion. On the tops of these sawhorses is a hard wearing, protective plastic. The plastic prevents damage to the sawblade by stopping the blade coming into contact with the metal when you are making a cut at the top of the trestle.

Many sawhorses on the market are sold as singles but you will invariably need two.  Axminster Tools & Machinery is offering them at £89.96 (May 2017) for the pair. (The price includes vat and may be subject to change without notice.)

For more information, visit the Axminster website (link below) or call 0800 371 822.

Thanks to Axminster Tools and Machinery for the news.

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