Axminster Tools, New Swan Compressors

Swan specialises in making top-of-the-range, high performance, oil free, low noise compressors; they are innovative in design yet meet the strict regulations for compressed air purity required by many applications.

The DRS models are ideal for home use, craft work, demonstrations or in a laboratory, school, upholstery or furniture workshop. These models are oil free, unobtrusive and have low noise emission. The combined twin pump and motor mounted on a rubber block results in little vibration. A grab handle and two wheels ensure easy mobility. The DRS range comes in three tank sizes: 22 litre, 30 litre and 50 litre.

Similar in design and usage to the DRS range, but with its 50 litre tank, is the PV-202-30. The main difference lies in its combined ‘V’ twin pump and motor which keeps vibration to an absolute minimum.

Reliable and robust, these compressors have an enduring feel to them filling the user with confidence.

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