Triton Chisels Triton Rasps
Triton Clamps

Introducing the new hand tools range from Triton Tools. With a range of chisels in the most helpful sizes; clamps to hold that project in place and rasps for fast material removal, the new Triton hand tool range is a must for the workshop.


Boasting precision-ground, hardened Cr-V blades, Triton chisels strip away wood with ease, delivering a long-lasting, superior performance time and time again.

The capabilities of the high-quality blades are augmented by large striking caps made from tough, nickel-plated steel. Able to weather repeated heavy blows, these caps channel power exactly where it’s needed.
This overall toughness is harmonised with an ergonomic handle design that uses thermoplastic rubber to create a soft but firm grip, minimising user fatigue.

The commitment to quality in build and performance is matched by the attention paid to storage. A ballistic nylon pouch keeps the chisels safe and secure when they aren’t required.


Combining cutting-edge technology and ease of use, Triton’s quick clamps are a vital addition to any workshop.
Glass fibre-reinforced nylon frames and corrosion-resistant steel rails stand up to repeated use in all conditions, guaranteeing high-quality performance regardless of the task at hand.

Tough, non-marring and non-marking jaw pads provide a secure hold while protecting the workpiece.
Making effective use of the clamps is simple, as the lever-action handles can be quickly adjusted with one hand and the instant-release buttons used to reset the faces, allowing for precise control of grip pressure.

Ease of use is matched by versatility of design; the quick-twist levers can be used to reverse the clamps in moments, turning them into effective spreaders.


Putting their precision-cut Cr-V steel blades to good use, Triton’s rasps deliver excellent removal of all hard and soft woods with minimal effort.

This single-minded pursuit of quality can also be seen in the handles, which make use of thermoplastic rubber to provide a durable but comfortable grip, limiting the strain on users.

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