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New Proxxon Angle Polisher


proxxon angle polisher_polishing_finishing


Proxxon miniature tools come with a reputation for quality and this small angle polisher is no exception.

It has a quiet, powerful DC motor with continuously variable speed control (full-wave electronics) for low and constant speeds even during high contact pressure. Motor power is transferred to the planetary gearing which is contained in a robust die-cast aluminium housing.

The main body of the machine is made from glass-fibre reinforced POLYAMIDE with a softer section on the underside making it more comfortable to hold.

The polisher is supplied with a rubber backing disc with hook and loop fastening, polishing sponge (medium hard), lambswool polishing disc, polishing felt for metals and non-ferrous metals (medium hard), 12 sanding discs K 2000 and NIGRIN, polishing emulsion (75ml) and a microfibre cloth. The polisher and accessories are stored in a stylish polypropylene case with a handle and two snap closures ready for immediate use.

Price: £89.95 inc vat

Valid until 31 December 2014