New UJK Technology Products

Extension for cast iron router table (103551)

Made specifically for the UJK Technology Professional Router Table, this extension provides vital extra support when machining wide workpieces such as raised panels for cupboard doors. It is 810mm in length, running along the entire front edge of the table.

Fixing is just a simple matter of attaching a bracket on either side, on the underside of the table using three cap-head screws per side. The extension slides in and out of the brackets, on strong rectangular section bars. Going from zero to 260mm, at its maximum, it effectively gives you approximately 610mm from the centre of the router cutter to the edge of the extension. The top edge of the extension is a low friction material, ensuring that your work glides smoothly.

Mitre slot track (103565)

The UJK Technology mitre slot track makes it easy to add a mitre fence facility to a custom built router table, saw table or bandsaw table. It is equally useful for a workbench that needs to incorporate a mitre fence.

The track is anodised aluminium for its durability. All it requires is a routed groove 31mm wide by 13mm deep. Alternatively, you can create a laminated table using a base and 12.7mm (1/2") thick material on either side of the track. Securing the track in the groove is easy with pre-drilled, countersunk holes every 270mm.

The external measurements overall are 915mm (36") long, 31 x 12.7mm deep and the T-slot is 19 x 24 x 9.5mm deep. With its 19mm wide channel, the mitre slot track will work with any standard 19 x 9.5mm (3/4" x 3/8") mitre gauge bar with or without a T-facility. Supplied in 915mm lengths, the track is easily cut with a hacksaw to a different size if required.

Offset bars for router table (103561)

Supplied as a pair, these H-section extrusions fit behind the outfeed fence of the UJK Technology router table fence. Once in position they give you an exact 1mm offset between the infeed and outfeed fences. Their clever design means you can rotate each extrusion by 180° and reinsert them in position to achieve an exact 2mm offset.

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