Axminster Tools and Machinery, Precision Tape Measures

It’s one of those tools that can be found in every toolbox, workshop and apron pocket. It can also be found clipped to almost every tradesman’s belt and that is, of course, the ever popular and indispensable tape measure.

Axminster has introduced a new range of tape measures under the Axminster Precision brand; here we take a first look at four of them. All have a 5m metric/imperial tape and each have slightly different features.

The first features a self-lock button which automatically locks the tape in position when it’s extended. It is accompanied by a push release button, ensuring you have complete control when retracting the blade. The blade itself is dual printed, with the top side printed with the patented hi-viz printing and coated with superior nylon coating for maximum blade durability.

The second sports a silver, stainless steel blade, perfect for anybody working in the marine industry, underground construction and wherever water is being used to cut materials, such as stone or marble. The tape includes a secure blade lock to hold the blade in position for hands free use.

The third is a very chunky power blade with a wide, deeply curved tape which enables much greater extension without collapsing; it also has a magnetic end which is useful for picking up any screws or small tools that have been dropped.

The last tape measure has a manual hold-down button which clamps the blade in place and it has been rated Class 1 (the most accurate available). This tape is ideal for cabinetmakers, joiners and anybody who needs an accurate measurement every time. The standard blade lock is complemented by a pause button which gently holds the blade into position.

For the four types featured, prices range from £9.96 to £13.96.

Thanks to Axminster Tools and Machinery for the news.

For more details, see the Axminster Tools Website