xminster Tools, New Parf Mk II Guide System

If you’re looking to build your own workstation or multiple workstations, the UJK Technology Parf Mk II Guide System is an invaluable piece of equipment for both professional trades and home workshops alike.

The Mk II is an upgraded version of the existing Parf Guide System. Designed by Peter Parfitt, the latest Parf Guide System is a joint venture with Axminster Tools & Machinery. Manufacturing of the system takes place entirely in Axminster, Devon under the UJK Technology brand name. The design of the upgraded Parf Guide system preserves and guarantees the long-term accuracy of the jig as well as improving the ease of use.

Based on Pythagoras’ theorem, the UJK Technology Parf Mk II Guide System helps to produce a bench top with an accurate pattern of 20mm holes. When used with a set of UJK Technology Parf Super Dogs, a guide rail and a track saw, it guarantees perfect, quick and easy 45° and 90° cuts every time.

So, what’s the difference between the current Parf Guide System and the latest Mk II version? Firstly, the Parf Mk II Guide System is the ultimate when it comes to the ‘5 cut test’. It is called the ‘5 cut test’ because you cut the first of the four edges twice to ensure it is parallel.

Secondly, the upgraded version delivers better engineering practice. Previously, (through bad practice) it was possible to elongate the 3mm holes in the ruler (Parf stick) over time when using the simple guide bush. However, we’ve now found a way to completely eliminate this issue. With the Parf Mk II Guide System, the drill bit never comes into contact with the ruler thanks to the larger 6mm holes. This means neither the drill bit nor the ruler will ever wear out.

Next, rather than just the one drill guide, we’ve now included two Mk II drill guides. Throughout the majority of the process, you’ll use the 1.5mm deep drill guide. However, when the two Parf sticks overlap, you will need to use the 3mm deep drill guide to accommodate the extra depth.

What’s more, the 3mm drill bit is now supplied in a Festool CENTROTEC holder for quicker, more efficient working at all times. Also, the Parf sticks are more robust, thanks to the pearl chrome finish. Plus, there’s no glare or reflection which makes them easier to work with in bright and well-lit areas.

As before, there’s a metric scale on both of the Parf sticks, but it’s much clearer this time. The sticks are precise thanks to the high quality manufacturing methods and make useful metre long rulers.  Moreover, the holes on the 1m rulers are now numbered. This makes it easier to reference and reduces the chance of making any errors. We’ve also added in extra holes along both of the Parf sticks. This means it is possible to now make a grid 48mm or 32mm apart in addition to the standard 96mm. If you need to make smaller components, the smaller spacing is ideal for creating a tighter formation.

Finally, as part of a rolling change, both the current Parf Guide System and the latest upgraded version include improved pins. More ergonomic in design, the pins are now easier to remove with less resistance.

To summarise, the new and improved UJK Technology Parf Mk II Guide System is efficient, simple to use and reliable. It is ideal for home workshop and professional trade use. If you’re looking to create multiple custom-made bench tops or portable cutting boards in under 30 minutes, this is the tool for you. The Parf Mk II Guide System guarantees perfect 45° and 90° cuts, producing highly accurate results every time and eliminates any potential issues through best engineering practices.

Current selling price is £164.95 inc vat (valid until 31/08/19).

Thanks to Axminster Tools and Machinery for the news.

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