New gouges and awls from Axminster Rider

Axminster Rider Out-Cannel Firmer Gouge Wooden Handle – 8mm, 12mm & 20mm

The carpenter’s out-cannel firmer gouges have the bevel ground on the outside of the blade. The design makes them particularly suited to the hollowing and cutting of concave shapes, for example finger pulls or concave recesses. The curved cutting edge is handy for roughing out troughs or long rebates across the grain without tearing the grain. These are useful tools when paring convex curves like those found on furniture and other shaped parts.

These are well made tools with blades of forged chrome manganese steel alloy, heat-treated to 59 HRC and finely ground. The handles are European hornbeam, chosen for its resilience. Sanded smooth and given a light oil finish, hornbeam has a superb feel in the hand. Each handle ends in a polished stainless steel ferrule with a shock absorbing leather washer between the handle and the gouge’s bolster.

Blade width is 8, 12 or 20mm.

Axminster Rider Round Blade Awl with Hornbeam Handle

The round blade awl is sometimes referred to as the scratch awl with the working end of the blade tapering to a fine point with a circular cross-section. As the original name suggests, it was used to scratch a mark on the timber’s surface. Traditionally a knife would be used for marking across the grain and the scratch awl for marking out along the grain (just as cutting and marking gauges are still used).

The scratch awl is suitable for marking a line, guided along a straight edge, on wood or metal. The fine point allows access when marking dovetails and greater accuracy when pricking out measurements or transferring a pattern.

Axminster Rider Square Blade Awl with Hornbeam Handle

The square blade awl is also known as the birdcage awl, with the working end of the blade tapering to a fine point but with a square in cross-section. Again there is a clue in the name, as this tool was used in the making of wooden birdcages to create a small hole in thin sections without splitting the wood.

The birdcage awl is perfect for making starter holes for screws or nails. The fine point makes accurate placement easy. The sharp edges of the square section sever the wood fibres rather than compressing them. Twisting the awl back and forth reams the hole deepening and enlarging it, until it is the required size.

Both the scratch and the birdcage awls have handles made from dense European hornbeam, sanded smooth and given a light oil finish. The handle, which is pear shaped, sits comfortably in your palm; a small flat on the back prevents the awl from rolling off the bench. Each handle ends in a polished stainless steel ferrule. The blades are hardened and tempered chrome-manganese alloyed steel, and approximately 100mm long.

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