New Extra Fine Japanese Round Files from Axminster Tools

Made in Japan, these round files perform superbly when working on internal curves, opening up holes or expanding slots.  They are suitable for working on wood, plastics and other similar materials.

These Japanese round files are ideal for carvers, cabinetmakers, musical instrument makers and sculptors. They are capable of the accurate removal of timber on difficult or awkward grained wood. The files produce miniature shavings. The file removes material very quickly and the resulting surface is much smoother, requiring only a little sanding to finish.

Blades come in three sizes - 3mm, 5mm or 6mm in diameter - and are fitted with a comfortable textured moulded rubber grip. The cutting length is 90mm with a pitch of only 0.7mm. The extra fine teeth are milled and chemically etched for maximum bite. The total length is 200mm.

There is also an 8mm fine version available, with a cutting length of 185mm and a comfortable wooden handle.

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