UJK Technology, Digital Height gauge

The UJK Technology digital height gauge is an indispensable measuring tool for the workshop in the accurate setting of cutting depths, especially router cutters and saw blades. No workshop should be without one.

The body is made of cast iron and it has machined feet that form a reference surface. Being highly stable, it can stand upright without additional support. A further advantage is that it is equally accurate both vertically and horizontally. The horseshoe shaped body measures 54mm between the legs with an internal height of 80mm. The main feature is its highly accurate digital scale unit, with an LCD screen offering a reading in either metric or imperial. The display has a resolution of 0.01mm or 0.001 inches.

The digital readout shows precisely how deep your saw blade or router cutter will cut. With a measuring speed of 1.5 milliseconds, it is clearly faster than making a guess with a ruler. You can zero the digital readout at any point, allowing relative adjustment. It is particularly handy to hold the bar in contact with the blade or cutter and gradually increase the cutter height until the display reaches the desired depth. Used horizontally, you can measure or adjust a router table fence relative to the cutter.

The UJK Technology digital height gauge will also measure a mortice to a depth of 99mm. The gauge is supplied with an LR44 battery.

Price: £49.99. The price includes vat and may be subject to change without notice.

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