New CT1502 Trade Series Surface Planer from Axminster Tools

The CT1502 surface planer is one of the most unique machines in the whole of the Axminster Trade Series range. It has recently been upgraded to feature extra long tables and a new fence system.

The rugged construction, independently fully adjustable tables, three-knife cutter block and powerful motor makes the 150mm planer a popular choice for both keen hobbyists and trade professionals.

The surface planer (also known as a jointer) is constructed largely of cast iron and is mounted on a substantial steel stand which houses the motor and the switchgear. The planer block is equipped with three re-sharpenable high speed steel blades which give a truly excellent finish to the timber. In addition, a setting device is included which eases the job of blade changing.

The planer block is fully protected across its whole width by a strong aluminium alloy guard. The infeed and outfeed tables are 1,400mm in length and are independently adjustable for height. This not only makes for quick adjustment of the blade height relative to the table, but also allows for cutting of stopped chamfers up to 12mm deep. There is a quick stop system on the infeed table to allow repeat depth settings to be made quickly.

The side fence, which is a heavy cast iron unit with a ground surface, is held by a robust cast iron bracket. This is clamped to the table by a substantial hand lever and slides smoothly across the bed guided by a rail. The fence is fully adjustable for angles between 45°, 90° and 135°. Waste extraction is from the rear of the machine via a 100mm (4") flanged spigot fixed to the body and connected to a suitable chipping extractor. Four adjustable rubber feet provide stability in use.

If you need to produce laminates using a bandsaw, the CT1502 surface planer could be the perfect partner machine to provide a perfectly flat side running along the bandsaw fence.

Thanks to Axminster Tools and Machinery for the news.

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