Trend CSB/12024T Craft Saw Blade

Trend has launched a new craft saw blade that is for use with a Mafell KSS40 cordless cross cutting saw.

The dimensions are; 120mm x 24 teeth x 20mm bore with a thin kerf and alternate top bevel. Thin kerf anti-kickback sawblades for cordless trim saws.

  • Sawblades designed for a professional finish in soft wood, hard wood,plasterboard, stone fibre board, particle board, veneer, plywood, MDF and hardboard.
  • Reamed bore to ensure precise fit to spindle.
  • Silverbraze to ensure tip is bonded securely to body.
  • Body hardened and tempered to maintain trueness.
  • Laser etched on reverse to European standard EN847-1/2.
  • The Trend name for traceability and a guarantee of quality.
  • High grade alloy steel plate body precision ground to maintain flatness.

This new Trend Craft Saw Blade is available now from all Trend routing centres and selected stockists.

(Product Reference CSB/12024T) £18.98 +VAT

To find out more, visit Trend’s website