Makita UK has launched a new cordless paddle mixer, designed for high performance on a range of materials including paint and mortar. Powered by Makita’s 18V LXT battery system, the DUT130Z benefits from brushless motor technology to achieve better performance and longer run times.

The DUT130Z mixer features a variable speed trigger and two mechanically selected speed settings for complete user control. The mixer will deliver up to 350 rpm in low speed mode and up to 1,300 rpm using the high-speed setting to suit the material being mixed. It has mixing paddles up to a maximum diameter of 165mm, with an M14 shaft.

The new mixer includes a brushless motor to make it lighter, more compact and deliver greater efficiency. By eliminating the friction inherent in the operation of brushed alternatives, Makita’s brushless motors waste less energy and as a result require less power to achieve the same result. This extends run times by over 30% on each battery charge.

The Lithium-ion LXT batteries offer significantly longer run times, can be recharged from any charge level without damaging the life of the battery and do not discharge if stored for an extended period of time. Makita’s 18V LXT batteries offer the flexibility of a ‘one-fits-all’ system. The same batteries are compatible with over 200 different Makita products including rotary hammers, combi-drills, saws, screwdrivers, impact drivers and impact wrenches. Users can simply switch the battery from one machine to another as required.

The design of the DUT130Z includes a splash guard, battery cover and switch cover to protect the tool from the ingress of dirt, debris and moisture as well as splashback from the material being mixed. This helps to extend the life of both the mixer and battery by preventing damage to key components.

It also features ergonomically designed soft-grip rubber handles on both the back and side of the tool. In addition, the mixer has a lock-on switch for ease and comfort when using it for an extended period of time and a soft start function to prevent material splashing on start-up.

Matt Chilton, Product Manager – Tools at Makita UK said: “The new DUT130Z benefits from the latest innovations in battery and brushless motor technology to deliver superior efficiency and run times for the customer.”

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