New 30-piece Router Cutter Starter Set from Trend

Trend have launched a 1/4in shank cutter set aimed at those new to routing, consisting of 15 bearing-guided and 15 non-guided cutters. It can be used for a variety of woodworking applications on timbers and manmade timber based boards.

There are nine straight cutters for rebating, stopped and continuous groove applications alongside a bearing-guided rebating cutter and a bearing-guided edge trimmer.

For edge moulding the set includes four guided round overs, four guided ovolos and a guided roman ogee as well as two guided chamfers and two guided cove cutters. Additional cutters include two ‘V’ groove and two core box profiles for freehand engraving, sign making and decorative work.

A 104° dovetail cutter and classic panel cutter completes the set, with a sturdy aluminium storage case keeping everything safe and easy to hand.

This comprehensive set will allow the new router user to experiment across a broad range of projects and achieve great results. Offering exceptional value the set would also be suitable for the avid hobbyist and routing enthusiast.

The SET/SS31X1/4TC is priced at £101.88 inc VAT and is available from all Trend Routing Centres and Stockists across the UK.

To find out more, visit Trend’s website