Robert Sorby 821 Negative Rake Scraper Robert Sorby 860 Negative Rake Scraper

Robert Sorby is renaming its Hardwood Scraper to ensure the name supports the tool’s wide application more accurately. As from the 20th November 2016 this popular tool will be known as a Negative Rake Scraper.
Although originally designed for tackling hardwoods, especially in the making of musical instruments, the tool is equally at home on all types of wood and is perfect for spindle work, platters and open curve bowls.

“We want woodturners to know this tool has a wide application and is not solely designed for working hardwoods. It can be used to great effect on all types of wood,” says Robert Sorby Product Manager Clive Brooks.

“The term negative rake is widely acknowledged and understood by woodturners all over the world, so the choice of name was straightforward.”

For those that don’t know, the design of the tool delivers a cutting action that helps reduce the risk of grain tear-out and allows the turner to achieve an incredibly smooth finish that needs little, if any sanding. The negative bevel on the top face of the tool works to prevent the wood from riding over the cutting edge and so tearing the grain. This, in conjunction with the positive bevel rubbing behind the cutting edge, delivers the high-finish.

Product codes for the ¾” (19mm) tool will stay the same and it will remain available handled (821H) or as a blade only (821).

The name change also applies to the ¼” (6mm) micro version of the Hardwood Scraper (860H)

See the Robert Sorby Website for details