Trend Mirror Paste Trend Mirror Paste

Complementing the range of diamond sharpening options offered by Trend, this latest addition to the Trend sharpening range allows you to take chisels, plane irons, knives and other edge tools to the next level for the ultimate edge.

The Trend Mirror Paste has a unique formula that has taken two years of development to perfect to achieve a paste that offers a quick cutting speed while retaining a fine abrasion to allow an edge to be refined and polished for the keenest of edges.

Used on a leather strop, a small amount is applied and the tool worked over the paste to spread and load the strop. The paste starts to work immediately, darkening to indicate the steel is being abraded to refine the scratch pattern to a highly polished mirror finish and increase the sharpness to the next level.
Once loaded, the strop only needs an occasional refresh with a small amount of paste to continue the polishing and refining performance. The paste can also be used on buffing wheels or shaped profile blocks for stropping turning and carving tools.

The DWS/MP/40 is priced at £9.95 excluding VAT and is available from all Trend Routing Centres and Stockists across the UK.

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