Meet the new Leigh RTJ400 Jig


Leigh RTJ400 router jig


Leigh's new RTJ400 jig is designed specifically for router table use, offering fast accurate routing of through dovetails, box joints and half blind dovetails on your router table. The Leigh template is precision CNC machined from aircraft grade aluminium for perfect joinery every time.

The RTJ400 will make nine sizes of through dovetails, three sizes of half-blind dovetails and four sizes of box joints. Set up is fast and simple with five instruction strips that guide you through set-up and are located on the top of the jig giving you all the set up positions you will need.

A perfect joint fit is guaranteed and repeatable with the patented Leigh e10 guide bushing with elliptical barrel that can be rotated for joint fit. Board alignment is done using the adjustable side stop with an offset for rebated half blind dovetails. The precision template and clamping frame can be aligned perfectly with clearly marked pin locators that are etched into the template.

The jig is supplied with quick user guide DVD, 5 instruction strips that sit on the jig, blanking plates, stop rod, depth gauge,1/2" shank dovetail bits: 80-500, 120-500, straight bits 160 and 143-500, 4 cam speed clamps, hex key and adjustable side stop.

For anyone wishing to see a demonstration of the new jig, please contact any of the Axminster stores; full details of all stores can be found at In addition, there is the opportunity for customers to have their routers set up for free when they purchase an RTJ400 jig.

Code: 506731            Price: £284.95 inc vat

Price is valid until 31st December 2015.