Every year, dozens of new woodworking products hit the shelves, joining hundreds already available for those in the industry. Popular Woodworking sifts through the newcomers to call out the best of the best.

This year, MICROJIG’s MATCHFIT Dovetail Clamp AP joined the elite ranks, earning a spot on Popular Woodworking’s list of Top Tools and Products of 2020. 

The annual list is developed by the publication’s editors and contributors and is meant to inform readers about the “latest and greatest.” It appears in the November issue of the magazine.

"The MATCHFIT Dovetail Clamp AP is a breakthrough for in-line clamping,” said Bruce Wang, CEO of MICROJIG. “We’re grateful the seasoned editors at Popular Woodworking appreciate these features and we’re honoured they are sharing it with their readers.”

This year’s list includes 18 products, ranging from power tools to adhesive and accessories. Of MICROJIG, the editors said, “We have enjoyed using Microjig’s dovetail clamps for building jigs and assembly tables, but the newest version (AP – anti-pivot) are a definite upgrade.”

The entry highlighted the product’s ability to work with a standard dovetail groove, the fact that the clamp arm stays in place for repetitive tasks and the X-Pad, which exerts both downward and in-line pressure to keep pieces flat as a user pushes a joint together.

The MATCHFIT Dovetail Clamp AP was released in early 2020. The product is the newest addition to the MATCHFIT system and part of the ever-growing system that is changing the way people work with wood, allowing woodworkers to set up their shops for ultimate versatility, productivity and cost savings versus traditional T-track.

The products are available at select retailers nationwide or worldwide on the company’s website.