treestation sawn timber event 2015


Greater Manchester TreeStation are having a Sawn Timber Open Evening on Thursday 4th June at 5pm - 8.30pm. There will be hundreds of hardwood timber planks at the yard, all milled from British wood - the majority of it felled from routine arboricultural treework within Greater Manchester. TreeStation specialise in providing businesses, craftsmen and hobbyists alike with fantastic quality timber, all locally sourced and kilned in Greater Manchester at a competitive price. Thanks to their ethics and sustainable sourcing of timber, local / on-site kilning (the on-site kiln is powered with their own woodchip), the timber also has a really low embedded carbon footprint, something to be really proud of!

The Open Evening, we will have a helpful team ready to show people around the Yard and help them find any specific pieces of timber they may be after, or just to have a chat about any ideas or projects that they want to discuss. Light refreshments and snacks will be provided for people to enjoy whilst having a browse - there will be plenty for everyone to have a look at. Sample pieces of work will be made up so people can appreciate the potential of the hardwood planks, this will hopefully inspire some creative ideas! There are potential discounts on some of the prices for everyone to take advantage of on the evening, as well! A fun 'Auction' will be held for some of the more characterful pieces that would be fantastic for smaller, interesting projects – so someone could bag themselves a bargain! Not only this, but everyone will go away a little TreeStation trinket, just as a thank you for coming along.

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