·         Brushless motors  can use up to 4Ah capacity batteries

·         New lock-on safety system protects operator

·         18v and 14.4v LXT models

Makita’s latest Lithium-ion powered cordless jigsaws include, for the first time, barrel handle models.  These are expected to appeal to the fine work cabinet makers who relish the very precise control that this grip layout provides. The main handgrip position is around the slim line body of the machine which in itself gives a very accurate balance and control. Added to this is the forward top pommel that is directly above the blade which makes two-handed control of these jigsaws comfortable, safe and very precise.

The new Makita DJV181 and DJV141 models are available with this barrel handle style at 18v and 14.4v respectively. The new DJV182 and DJV142 models are traditional-style jigsaws with ergonomic top handle and soft grip for comfort and control, and trigger switch with lock on button. For safety, after the trigger is released the machine will lock automatically if the lock-on button is not pressed within 10 seconds. This safety feature prevents any possibility of the jigsaw operating accidently should it be placed into a tool box without care. This feature is included on all the new Makita jigsaws. On the barrel handle machines the electronic control buttons are located on both sides of the housing.

This new collection of Makita cordless jigsaws bristles with features including variable speed control by dial; soft-start and soft no-load functions which means the machine runs at a lower starting speed until the blade is actually under load against the material, enabling users to accurately line up with a cutting line and then the saw automatically kicks in to full speed ; twin LED job lights and blower to clear dust away from the blade for accurate viewing and integrated dust extraction connection ; tool-less blade change and a lever to select the three orbital blade or straight cutting modes. The rigid aluminium base bevels 0-45° both left and right.

All the new Makita jigsaws will run from 800 up to 3,500 strokes per minute with a 26mm stroke length giving a maximum cut in wood of 135mm and 10mm in steel. The 18v Lithium-ion models have a motor capacity of 360watts and the 14.4v models 320watt. These modern, high performance jigsaws weigh just 2.5kg for comfortable and accurate operations.

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