brushless motor_ makita_circular saw


  • 18v Brushless motor versions of screwdriver, angle grinder and circular saw
  • Brushless design cuts friction which reduces heat and wear, enhancing performance and longevity
  • Reduced internal motor loads extends life of machines and batteries

Makita continues to extend the range of 18v Lithium-ion powered cordless tools that feature the innovative Brushless motor design which substantially enhances the performance and longevity of the tool.  It reduces friction within the motor and thereby releases greater power from the engine. The reduction in motor friction consequently extends the runtime available from the battery and is also responsible for generating less heat.  This benefit further extends the longevity of the tool and the battery. The remaining benefit is a reduction in maintenance with no brushes to be changed during the life of the tool.

The new Makita DFS452 LXT screwdriver generates a maximum of 490watts and will run up to 4,000rpm. The ¼” hex push-drive shank will comfortably drive home a 5mm drywall screw or a 6mm self-drilling screw. Weighing a comfortable 1.7kg, and with ergonomic soft grip handle, this screwdriver has a silent clutch, variable speed trigger, one-touch locator and useful lock-on button and reverse switch option.  Delivered in a type 2 Makpac connector case with two 18v 4.0Ah Li-ion batteries and DC18RC fast charger, the DFS452 also features a battery fuel gauge, on-off job light and handy belt clip as standard.

The Makita Brushless motor is also featured in two new cordless angle grinders: the DGA455, which runs a 115mm diameter grinding wheel, and the DGA505 which will power a 125mm grinding wheel. Both grinders run up to 8000rpm and have a paddle switch control for operator safety and an automatic speed control to deliver the ideal cutting speed to load conditions for optimum performance.

Operator protection starts with an anti-kickback system that shuts down the tool if the grinding wheel is snagged and suddenly slows or stops. This protection is further enhanced by the Makita anti-restart function that requires the tool to be switched off then switched back on, to eliminate the risk of the motor restarting should the tool be dropped or in case the trigger was locked in the on position when battery was reinserted to the machine. The battery has a full protection circuit and a current limiter protects the driveline and motor. These two grinders are available as body-only units for operators with existing Makita battery inventory.

The new Makita DHS680 165mm cordless circular saw also benefits from the attributes of the Brushless motor which, with a 4.0Ah 18v Li-ion battery, produces 680 watts of motor power that will run the 165mm blade up to 5,000rpm without load. This saw also features the Automatic Speed Control that matches the cutting speed ideally to the load condition for optimum cutting performance. Also included in this high specification tool is the soft-start function normally found in mains machines: electric safety brake, electronic current limiter, twin LED job light and battery fuel gauge.  A new larger base plate enhances operational stability with multi-angle selection. Maximum cutting depth at 90° is 57mm, 41mm at 45° and 37mm at 50°.  A large lock-off lever fixes the cutting angle.  In operation a blower function blows sawdust off the cutting line for a clear view of the blade path, and Makita advises that a rear dust port should be connected to the dust extraction system.