Makita's New LS1010 260mm Slide Compound Saw

  • 1,510 W motor – maximum 3,200 rpm
  • Mitre range 60° to 60° left/right; bevel range 48° to 48° left/right
  • Rigid slide rails allow forward-only movement

The current generation of wood machinists, carpenters, fixing carpenters and structural timber installers has recognised the Makita LS1016 260mm slide compound mitre saw as the benchmark by which all other machines have been compared.  Now, the new Makita LS1019 will establish an even higher level of technical attributes and reliable performance.  This new 260mm slide compound mitre saw is powered by a 1,510w motor which will run the blade up to 3,200rpm maximum. 

Amongst the many new features on this leading mitre saw is the design of sliding head layout.  The twin slide rails are set at an angle in the rigid aluminium alloy chassis frame, while the rear chassis fixing is positioned right at the rear of the saw assembly so that the machine can be placed close to a bench wall.  The robust rails allow the saw head to move forward to cover the total sawing zone without the wasted movement of the motor head passing back behind the sawing zone.

The robust aluminium alloy main bed is fully machined for accuracy giving a large turning base.  The rear fence has adjustable material locks and side holders for wider pieces of material.  The new Makita LS1019 has class leading mitre and bevel capacities – 60° L to 60° R mitre, and 48° L to 48° R bevel.  A front knob enables easy bevel adjustment with easy-to-operate mitre angle lock and one-touch sliding head lock.  The cutting performance also sets high standards:  at straight cut the Makita LS1019 will cut 91mm deep across a 279mm width whilst with a 45° L or R mitre angle and 45° L bevel angle the maximum is 58mm x 197mm.

The electronic controls feature soft start for machine and operator safety; constant speed control; electronic brake; double insulation and a laser marker system on the LS1019L model.  110v and 240v versions of this new mitre saw are available.  In addition, a cordless 36v version, the Makita DLS5110, is ideal for major on-site operations and includes all the core features available on the mains LS1019 model.

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