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Firmly focussed on enabling the complete beginner, the enthusiastic amateur and the aspiring professional to develop the exacting standards of the cabinet maker, John Lloyd’s exciting range of 2016 short courses, as always, have solid hand-skills at their heart and are carefully designed to embrace the vast range of cunning new kit, techniques and materials that are now available to make a woodworker’s life easier and more productive.

John offers the perfect balance of traditional and modern woodworking techniques,  the ’Skills Week’ is a great introduction for the complete beginner, or an opportunity to brush up on vital basic, and not so basic techniques, covering everything from sharpening to simple dovetails and even the chance to get sticky with some vital gluing strategies.

The woodworker’s ability is so often judged by the accuracy of their dovetails. The ‘Dovetailing’ course simplifies the process whilst looking at some of the more impressive versions of this timeless joint.   ‘Making a Child’s Chair’ is a brand new course for 2016 and is a great introduction to the wonderful world of combining angled joints and curved components on a small scale.  Courses in ‘Veneering & Inlays’ and ‘French Polishing & Modern Hand Finishing’ demystify these fundamental processes.   John’s ever popular 2 day Wood Machining course, with health and safety at it’s core, is designed to allay any fears and introduce students to the benefits of mastering the big machines. 

John draws on more than 20 years of teaching experience to present these intensive courses in a relaxed and approachable style. All the courses are held at John’s own workshops in the Sussex countryside and are taught by him.  Teaching hours are 08.30 – 18.00, allowing each student to achieve the very most from their time in the workshops.

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