Jetís 1632 Drum Sander

The newly designed Jet 1632 drum sander will suit many small furniture or musical instrument makers looking for a precise finishing sander.

It has several innovative features to help make finishing sanding an accurate and effortless task. The major focus has been around the conveyor table, which now features a simple dial to adjust the parallelism, including a stop to return the table to dead level.

The motor drive system now pulls the work through the machine rather than pushing, creating a smoother flow and reducing the chances of marking. Fitted with Jet's patented Sandsmart™ system, this monitors the sanding load and automatically controls the feed speed to prevent aggressive sanding burning the work.

The sanding drum has improved access to the abrasive securing clips, while the hood has been redesigned to improve dust extraction. The whole frame has been re-modelled not only to give a smoother look, but also to increase the rigidity and accuracy. The drum depth adjusting handle has a scale to allow relative depth to be set for each project. Both drum motor and conveyor motor controls are grouped conveniently together for easy control.

The sander is supplied with a floor stand which has a wide footprint for stability and is pre-drilled for castors. A worthwhile accessory is the extension table set, which almost doubles the working surface area for extra support. It has a single 100mm dust extraction outlet; efficient dust extraction is vital with these machines, so please make sure your system is adequate.

See the Brimarc Website for more information.