Good Woodworking cover image for issue 290Welcome

I’ve just returned from GW’s annual busman’s holiday, this time with TW’s Mark Cass in charge of the camera, on a road trip around North Yorkshire which introduced us to the Thirsk Furniture Trail, in this issue, and to young makers in York and a talented saw maker in Scarborough, about which more in future issues . Yes, it was a hard two days on your behalves, braving blizzards, exchanging a few cross words involving the efficiency or not of satnavs over maps but, thanks to handfuls of Haribos and a desire to finish the job, we did it. But isn’t having to solve a few obstacles what makes woodworking so constantly rewarding? Take Hannah Dowling for instance; when we threw her the googly of making her usual table in green wood instead of well-seasoned timber she rose to the challenge superbly.  Look at the design of Imogen’s table and you can see what Edward Hopkins had to overcome. If sash windows sound frightening, then fear no more as Mike Jordan explains the process. To ease the load, Andy King reports on a couple of great jigs and praises Kuntz planes. Enjoy!

Andrea Hargreaves, Editor