Good Woodworking cover image for issue 288How do you get inspiration? For Edward Hopkins it comes from looking about him: furniture in his local café gave him the idea of a table he and his daughter could make together. For cover star Marc Fish it is seen all around him and translates into gorgeous shapes that may or may not be made of wood. For Bernard Greatrix inspiration was dictated by shape and space available. Regarding the Wood Awards, we’ll fully understand if your jaw drops to the floor like ours.

We gave Michael Huntley a month off from his foundation course and sent him on his holidays to see how a timber-framed shipwrights’ school was constructed. And arborealist David Vickers starts a mini series that looks at how trees are felled and milled for furniture making.

Meanwhile, Phil Davy makes some posh skirtings from hardwood, and Les Thorne turns a three-legged stool. We hope all this heralds a wonderful 2015 and that you are inspired to great woodworking.

Andrea Hargreaves, Editor