Good Woodworking cover image for issue 285Welcome

Hugh Croft is as happy as a man can be, living in the country and making furniture for a living. His workshop is hardly the last word in comfort and yet he is utterly content. Edward Hopkins discovers his philosophy. Meanwhile I squeeze myself into a workshop no bigger than a double garage and find out how father and son carvers, the fifth generation to earn their crust from the craft, are adapting to changing styles. While they are expert on fine Georgian furniture, Dave Roberts discovers someone who has a stash of more ordinary old pieces made from great timber that begs reuse. If you fancy a project for the winter, Michael Allsop shows you how to make a kayak, Michael Huntley makes a workbench, and the ever-practical Phil Davy constructs a logstore. Peter Berry whittles a captured sphere and Les Thorne, with a little help from a friend, turns trophy bowls. As for Andy King he’s found a timber rack to which he awards the full five stars, and is also rather keen on a DeWalt circular saw and Wood River chisels.


Andrea Hargreaves, Editor