Good Woodworking cover image for issue 284Welcome

Intellectual copyright is a shadowy area but one to which we should pay lip service. I was preparing recipes for publication on the website of my local community garden when I realised that one or two were acknowledged as being from published cookery books. It is likely that these publishers would welcome the publicity but I couldn’t face the palaver of getting permissions so omitted them. The point to this, however, is that most of the other recipes originated from someone and have been endlessly adapted and so it is with woodwork designs. Take work by the esteemed turner Nick Agar who was kind enough to let Les Thorne copy his methods in this issue. Or again, look at the beautiful pieces featured at this year’s Celebration of Craftsmanship: it’s a safe bet to say that the majority of these are re-workings of original ideas. Even Mark Cass would be the first to admit that his boxes are not original, but the storage unit design certainly is, and he had fun using a guide rail system to make it. And Glenn Perry takes a new look at an old chair style, when he makes a farmhouse version in sapele. Lastly, we welcome back GW columnist Edward Hopkins who is offering his own very individual perspective.

Andrea Hargreaves, Editor