Good Woodworking cover image for issue 281What has wobbling around on a bike around a slalom course in an old aircraft hangar at Berlin’s iconic Templehof building got to do with woodwork you might well ask. Well, the cycle was powered by a very special Bosch battery. In years to come, when resting your power tool on an induction plate is the norm, you will probably be telling your grandchildren about the olden days when you had to have two heavy batteries as each had to be charged off the tool… But Bosch has come up with something it calls wireless energy transfer. This revolutionary technology – operating on the same principle as the electric toothbrush – will be available to buy for your 18V tools in the autumn.

But all the time-saving modern gizmos in the world cannot substitute for craftsmanship so it is good to welcome traditionalist and Japanese tools specialist Michael Huntley who starts his new hand tools series with a detailed look at sharpening. Dave Roberts, meanwhile, takes an excited look at the work of a group of young people who are upcycling mid-century classics to give them a vibrant 21st-century pizzazz that, like Marmite, some of you will love and others will hate. Spread it thick, I say! And for a modern garden project Phil Davy has come up with a ladder planter. Other projects include a corner computer desk, a penknife to whittle, a plywood bowl to turn and stain, and more on Jeff Gorman's bookrack. For all of you who have never been completely satisfied with your veneer joints, Ian Hawthorne shows you how to make them perfect.


Andrea Hargreaves, Editor