Good Woodworking, cover image for Good Woodworking, issue 277



In order to squeeze in 13 issues of Good Woodworking it is necessary to play a few tricks with time once a year, in this case moving the big hand very swiftly around 14 revolutions, allowing for your March edition to be produced in a scant three weeks. So it is apposite that this one majors strongly on clocks, the almost completely all-wood ones engineered by Bruce Aitken. Dave Roberts sought him out on top of a hill in the Peak District and learnt how those gears, wheels and weights make clockwork. From the precision and complexity of clocks we look at the deceptively simple design and making of culinary boards, while Phil Davy hears the cheep of birds and whips up a couple of nesting boxes, and Les Thorne salutes the arrival of spring with a natural-edge goblet. With Festool launching a new Domino Andy King reprises its uses seven years on, while Dominic Collings uses an older machine to conjure up hundreds of joints for garden planters. Andy is also busy testing kit ranging from a neat little table saw from Axminster to a dinky round-soled spokeshave from Lee Valley.

Andrea Hargreaves, Editor