Good Woodworking_cover image for issue 276Welcome

Our Andy King seems to know everyone, and not just on the woodworking circuit either. Send him to Silverstone and he’s in the pit lane saying hi to Top Gear’s The Stig who lives in the same neck of the woods as Andy – the lengths manufacturers will go to get our attention! Well, the lure of some super-fast cars got Andy’s pulses racing, but it says something for the quality of DeWalt kit that he was equally excited to get a preview of the machines to be launched in the next few months. He is equally lavish in praise of the new Bosch router, and two Metabo combis, giving them the full five stars. The mathematicians among you will rail at Mark Griffiths’ neo-Fibonacci approach to his spiral table, Jeff Segal makes a curved oak desk, Phil Davy solves a baffling TV problem, and Les Thorne turns a pair of balls. I also visit him in his Hampshire workshop and find out what fires his passion. Meanwhile, for all of you who fancy earning a bob or two from your skills, Michael Forster starts a mini series on craft fairs starting with preparation for setup.