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Welcome to GW260,

Nobody can resist a bargain and that feeling of satisfaction is only magnified when you can turn that bargain into a valued and useful woodworking tool. This month as the winter nights deepen we show how to track down a bargain, cut down on waste, and make the most of your cash. Andy King imparts his general words of wisdom and restores a car boot find chisel, a rust pitted and moribund plane, and a saw that he found dumped in a cemetery. His wingman Dave Roberts shows how to turn a nondescript storage cupboard into a 19th pharmacist's cupboard with glass-doors and cunning drawer for ‘tranclements’. If you want to go deep into the forest to source your own timber to make anything from a traditional Windsor chair to a longbow or a clay earth oven meet Tim Gatfield the boss of the inspirational eco-friendly Cherry Wood Project.

Assistant editor Andrea Hargreaves meets Jane Lyster, that’s her under the table, the wonderfully creative boss of a café where she restored, restyled and remade all the furniture. It’s all for sale so you can take away a fauteuil with your fairycakes. Phil Davy offers so valuable insights into sourcing green wood for that Windsor chair, or buying recycled timber and gives the lowdown on some very cheap power tools.

Mark Gould