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Welcome to GW256,

This month GW is proud to present the first part of a round up of high quality work from the summer shows of final year furniture makers who have just finished degree and diploma courses around the country (page 66). As you will see styles range from the traditional to the more avante garde such as Rycotewood man Karl Weitz’s office screen. All the works on display show tremendous skill and vitality and a commitment to combining traditional hand skills and modern production techniques. Hopefully it won’t be long before some of these people will be producing work of the breathtaking quality of Marc Fish and the talented group of makers who rent bench space in his workshops (page 32). Another master maker David Savage casts a gimlet eye over three new planes from Veritas (page 40) and his comments receive a detailed response from the company itself – all fascinating stuff. While Savage was rather savage in his opinions of aspects of the planes our own Andy King gets an exclusive on a new line of Veritas chisels and is well pleased (page 18). Self-taught craftsman Charles Mak from Alberta in Canada lets us in on the secrets of building a fabulous quality router plane (page 24) and Iain Whittington from closer to home in Devon (page 58) shows the bodgers’ way to repair a damaged William and Mary style ladder-back chair.

Mark Gould