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It’s amazing the confidence that can be gained by mastering the basics of any craft. This month we present a 22-page chairs special (p20) which should give you all the basic knowledge you need to tackle even the most ambitious project – including the fiendish looking Maloof joint. Luckily as Dave Roberts explains it is not as daunting as it looks. Our centrefold (p46) takes a decidedly green theme this month as Katharine Fernie shows how to give a striking new lease of life to an old plan chest that she found in a skip. There can be no more famous furniture maker than Thomas Chippendale. Our Anatomy of a Classic series (p50) examines the extraordinary life of a man whose work adorned some of the finest houses in Britain. And on the subject of stunning buildings consultant editor Phil Davy took his camera and notebook to York Minster Cathedral to meet some of the craftsmen responsible for maintaining the woodwork of this Gothic masterpiece. Phil Whitfeld explores the jazz-age world of Art Deco (p66). Brave man Les Thorne makes a turned wooden bowl (p78)and risks the lynch mob by staining and painting it. There is something for everyone this month.

Mark Gould