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We kick off 2012 with an issue of Good Woodworking that offers something for everyone - including a fantastic competition to win one of ten sets of Bahco saw systems worth £100 each. One time GW snapper Justin Lambert jets off to Oregon in the American north-west to meet uncompromising furniture maker Gary Rogowski to hear the trials and tribulations of setting up a woodwork school. We have a six page examination of the magic of the Joint Genie – a jig that will align all dowelled joints – from Andy King, while I explore the fascination of Ercol, that iconic steam-bent furniture company that has been in the same family for five generations. For those of you with a taste for the great outdoors we follow Michael Allsop’s progress making a really handsome lapstrake – ie clinker-built – canoe, and Alan Willey’s modular approach provides a very neat way of creating three good looking and functional oak units If you find yourself at a loose end with a day to spare why not follow Phil Davy’s guide to making a fine looking and very useful letter rack.
 By the time you read this edition of the magazine our former editor Darren Loucaides should be trekking thought the Appenines like some modern day Hannibal – although I think he is travelling in a clapped out Fiat 127 rather than an elephant. I would just like to pay tribute to Darren for helping to create a really vibrant, knowledgeable and entertaining magazine. I hope I can keep his spirit alive.