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Plant for the future
The final part in our road trip finds us in Newcastle at Nick James’ ’shop

A little off-centre
Resident turner Les Thorne experiments with off-centre turning in three projects

Let it flow
Get inspiration from Matthew Coutts’ incredibly curvaceous Ceres chair

Hinge fitting masterclass
Fine furniture maker Chris Tribe shows you how to attach hinges to your with the utmost precision

Ceres chair
Matthew Coutts uses every cramp in the house to create an elegant chair for a mystery author

Fuchsia box
Ian Hawthorne’s flowery marquetry jewel box is a real labour of love

Festive flame
With Christmas around the corner, Phil Davy explains how to make some smart candle boxes, while Stuart Gooda offers his alternative from off-cuts

Turning eccentric
Les Thorne uses a square bowl, a finial and candlestick to demonstrate off-centre turning

How do I choose…sanders?
There are many different types of sander – Andy King explains which tasks they should each be used for

The hinge is the thing
Chris Tribe gives the detailed low-down on that most tricky of finishing touches

Not so humble ply
From racing cars to fighter aircraft and fine furniture, Phil Davy explains why it’s wrong to under-rate plywood

Real Wood Studios
Loucaides and Roberts discover a furniture making/timber supplying oddity on the Scottish Borders…

Times are a-changin’
…and then arrive in Newcastle for the last stop on the road trip – designer Nick James

Anatomy of a Classic
Mark Gould looks at G-Plan, the company that used mass production and mass media to revolutionise home furnishing

Stanley Sweetheart socket chisels
Seven-page sanders special