Introducing Sauno Wood Kilns by Logosol
Introducing Sauno Wood Kilns by Logosol Introducing Sauno Wood Kilns by Logosol

Sauno is a range of wood kilns made by Logosol, offering a time-saving, cost-effective solution for hobby and professional woodworkers and woodturners.

Incorporating new Swedish drying technology, Sauno wood kilns make wood drying achievable and affordable for even the smaller scale woodworker and will produce better results!

In most cases, air-drying the timber outdoors is the best method. In certain instances joinery-dry timber is required, and for that you will need a wood drying kiln.

A  Sauno wood drying kiln is recommended if you want to avoid your finished products cracking or warping, have the opportunity to get hold of unusual wood types that you want to use when doing woodwork or are making doors, furniture or windows.

A major problem when drying timber is the wood retaining the water it holds. However, Sauno overcomes this problem by using a method called ‘relax’ drying.

The ‘relax’ drying method is frequently used in large sawmills for their best timber, thereby reducing the risk of cracking and other damages caused by accelerated drying. The wood kiln heats and steams the timber at high temperatures, changing the cell structure of the wood and making it possible for water to move outwards from inside the wood. The next step is to dehumidify the timber.

Sauno offers woodturners and woodworkers, requiring timber with a consistent moisture content, a choice of three kiln kits – VT1, VT3 and VT5 – depending on the scale of your requirements, ranging from shorter pieces and low volume right through to larger sized pieces and bigger volumes.

These kits consist of just the dry control unit and thermostat. Once you have your kit, you will then need to construct an insulated kiln box. Two plans are included: one using an insulated wooden frame, the other using structural floor insulating panels. This DIY (Do It Yourself) solution lowers your investment cost compared to other drying solutions.

The Sauno kiln will shorten the maturing process from years to weeks. It produces timber with less cracking and more stability than other drying methods. The drying process is quick and economical, which is a large benefit for woodturners and woodworkers.

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