IMAGEThe Woodworker magazine

Young Ron Fox is the November issueís cover boy. Ronís guided his router basics series onto the matter of making circle-cutting jigs. Sure there are plenty of jigs you can buy, and it makes best sense to, but there are some simple home-made options that are well worth making as well.

Peter Dunsmore heads up the Projects section with a bookcase designed to suit a landing. Using oak-veneered MDF, Peter too is making good use of his router. Meanwhile Alan Holtham has a tidy little project suitable for the small workshop Ė making a desk tidy. Heís recycled some Brazilian mahogany for this, so itís a good example of neat design and contemporary construction (heís biscuit jointing) combined with a bit of good old-fashioned thrift.

In Workshop, editor Ralph is picking up a router as well, as he compares making grooves and rebates by hand and by machine. Mark Cass has some sage advice on batch work, while Keith Smith continues his workshop fit out with a new table saw and takes time out for some real woodworking Ė replicating some timber door panels for a classic MG sports car.

In Turning Alan Holtham has a helpful step-by-step on thread chasing, Bryn Edwards makes a box for some Kiwi souvenirs while Lynton Wedlock ties up his series on laser-assisted turning.

Bench mortisers are the subject of the big test with Andy Standing in On Test, with plenty of good essential information plus a review of six of the best. Andyís been testing SIPís new 16in heavy-duty bandsaw as well, while Gordon Warr found a chisel set from ITS to be both attractively priced and excellent performing.

So, plenty to get your teeth into Ė and itís on sale now! We hope you like it.