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Something on the side: Brian Barber's evolutionary design process leads to a simple side table that is both attractive and pragmatic
Purple(heart) rules the head: Couple of hours to spare? Try Mike Riley's plane hammer project, the first instalment of our new Weekender series
Brim full of classical forms: Les Thorne turns a tazza (it's a pedestal bowl don't you know?)
Buhl work: finery or folly: Stephen Simmons ends his French Connection series with a study of buhl work – so decadent it nearly wiped out an entire species
(a + b x 8 = c) + d = z (on the cover): For Good Wood's most madly titled article ever, Darren Loucaides meets Ian Spencer of the Yard Sale Project to learn about his unique chaos technique
The view from here: We've only gone and got an interview with the one and only John Makepeace! Phil Whitfeld does the honours
What's the real problem?: If you jump into restoration projects without fulling understanding the job at hand, says Stephen Simmons, you'll soon find yourself in trouble 
Physician, heal thyself: David Oldfield is forced to undertake some long overdue home improvements after accidentally destroying his porch
Now you see it...: Andy King learns the art of invisible repairs from the experts at Konig
Economies of Scale: A Batch produced piece could raise your game to the next level, suggests Greig Fensome
-Ron Hock plane iron
-Veritas quick-release tail vice
-Record PT107 planer/thicknesser
-Bosch GSN 90-34 DK nailer
-Veritas spill plane
-Worx biscuit
K&T special: Electronic measures 
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