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Cushy number: The challenges of African paduak stand between Michael Forster and a mini' chest of drawers to house his trinkets

The ultimate worktop: "If you want something done right, do it yourself," says Andy King, as he attempts to create the perfect bench

Small footprint, big choice: Alan Willey's nest of tables is the nest from which all other nests are derived
The world of the possible (on the cover): The beauty of wild grain tempted Nick Thwaites away from a lucrative legal career into the exciting world of fine furniture

Small is beautiful: Stephen Simmons continues his series on French furntiure with a look at the small but perfectly formed world of miniature furniture
20th century boys: Phil Whitfeld profiles two behemoths of 20th century furniture: Alan Peters and John Makepeace
Dissecting the tilt-top table: Anatomy professor for the day Stephen Simmons delivers a lecture on the tilt-top table
Form follows fun: Philip Koomen gets his - and your - priorities straight with this exposition of his design process
Perfectly sharp: Get your edge tools sharper than James Bond at a white die dinner with Mike Darlow's jigs
Tools of the trade: Led Thorne's guided tour of his turning toolkit

-Veritas carcass saws
-StorageMaker racking
-Bosch PMF 10.8 LI multi-tool
-Incra LS Super system

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