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It’s that time of year again…the skies are darkening, the trees are losing their leaves and the weather is miserable. But don’t despair, because that also means that it’s time for our annual Special Issue, sure to brighten a wintery day! Issue 233 of Good Woodworking is all about incorporating other materials into your woodworking projects. Highlights include...

Wood & celluloid: we’re particularly excited about this piece, in which Tony Taylor explains how to make your very own charming – and working – pinhole camera. A full set of plans is included, so you can be happily snapping away in no time.

Wood & fabric: our very own Stephen Simmons defends the underappreciated art of upholstery – it's a traditional ally of woodworking, y'know, not an enemy.

Wood & glass: we go through the looking glass with an exploration of the wonders of stained glass, complete with a Pink Floyd-themed effort presented by Dave Roberts!

Wood & metal leaf: no, nothing to do with ‘70s music, but our guide to enhancing your projects with a bit of gilding work – and some cheaper alternatives for the light of purse.
Wood & plastic: is plastic fantastic? Going by his exploration of the uses of acrylics et al in woodwork, Darren Loucaides seems to thinks so.
Wood al fresco: Andy King and Phil Davy leave the safety (and warmth) of the workshop and head outside to experience the joys and challenges of outdoor woodwork.
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